Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ahhh... fall....

it's not because my birthday is in october, it's not because the tourists (or, at least, most of them) *finally* go home, but fall is easily my favorite season for the following reasons: the clear, cool air, the smells of leaves and pine needles in the sun, the colors, and the chance to wear my favorite sweaters (i'm definitely a "fall dresser" - preferring jeans and sweaters to shorts and tank tops.)

even if i wasn't in a job whose busy season consisted of the summer months, there's a palpable 'sigh' heard through the air when fall officially arrives. i feel more relaxed, more likely to take advantage of my long-overdue 'mental health' days, and indulge in longer walks in the woods. hope may 'spring' eternal, but i feel more renewed than ever once october comes around.

with this new found energy, i feel moved to bake. a *lot*. sometimes my ambition overcomes reality (which wouldn't be a problem if there were 8 more hours in the day.) however, i discovered this recipe for baked apples while browsing online. it's relatively quick and easy, and definitely appropriate for cool (or even rainy) fall days:

it's an interesting twist on the traditional baked apple (i *love* the idea of roquefort cheese and cranberries!) i'm planning to make this for thanksgiving (with my own twist) and will post an update on my success (or failure...)

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