Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day #3

what's with all the dogs?

you may find yourself asking this very question if you look at the slideshow long enough. these are my babies. now, before you jump off to the island of conclusions with the notion that i am one of those people who don't have children and so must substitute some other living creature.... okay, you're half right. these guys (yes, they're all boys) are my babies, they're spolied a little more than most dogs, i actually brush their teeth and feed them good food (no corn, wheat, or by products.) i do not speak to them in sappy baby tones (well, most of the time,) dress them up, or give them stupid cutsey-pie names. i like to travel with them, hike with them, and play with them. in any case, i've found that dogs in general are better people than most people are. i've always wanted to find a human who shared common traits with my dogs (think: loyalty, friendship, honesty, enthusiasm; not drooling, fur, farts, and dog breath!) fyi: i think i've found him...

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