Wednesday, February 18, 2009


my significant other recently sent me two articles he found on the web regarding the above-referenced topic. they were interesting topics, but still, i feel i had to put my two cents worth out there. i've provided links to the articles, which should be read before my comments are: :

"A new study found that trained sexologists could infer a woman's history of vaginal orgasm by observing the way she walks. The study is published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine."

a#1 - how does one become a "trained sexologist"? that term carries less clout than someone who claims to be a trained snake wrangler or a trained animal psychic.

b#2 - only 16 female university students from belgium were used in this study. i'd give more credence to its findings if it used 1600 (or even 160) females of varying ages from varying backgrounds.

c#3 - according to the article, "vaginally orgasmic women may feel more confident about their sexuality, which might be reflected in their gait." the study's authors (lead by stuart brody, university of the west of scotland) are quoted as saying: "'Such confidence might also be related to the relationship(s) that a woman has had, given the finding that specifically penile-vaginal orgasm is associated with indices of better relationship quality'." *MIGHT*? excuse me? undoubtedly, the quality of a woman's relationship with her partner plays a larger role in her confidence (and, hence, gait) than the fact that she can have a vaginal orgasm. could these authors determine a woman suffering from a sexual addiction from a woman who had many fulfilling sexual encounters? if we assume both are capable of vaginal orgasm, and the study's theory is correct, it's unlikely. i would beg to differ, and i would beg that the authors broaden their study in order to take such factors into account...

d#4 - 'the journal of sexual medicine' *looks* legit (ahem, it is *no* 'new england journal of medicine') - but still, one wonders why it would consent to publish such a half-baked study.


10 Things You Never Knew About...Sex

"3. While Viagra has made erectile dysfunction (affecting 10 to 12 percent of men) a household phrase, the opposite problem -- premature ejaculation -- is more common (affecting 24 to 27 percent of men). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing a drug called dapoxetine as a cure for this problem."

what? seriously?!?!?!?!? like we need to be taking more pills in this nation? what happened to meditation and yoga and finding alternative methods and using meds as a last resort? incidentally, premature ejaculation is not a major health threat to this country. how about finding a cure for aids first?

"5. If a woman experiences orgasm during sex, she is more likely to become pregnant, since orgasmic spasms in pelvic muscles help move sperm up the vaginal canal to the uterus."

this theory was introduced in (believe it or not) the edwardian era. it was believed by doctors that in order to conceive, both partners had to have an orgasm. however, that theory has been debunked: a woman is just as likely to get pregnant regardless of orgasm (and i wish i could find the textbook i had for my women's health issues class so i could footnote that!!)

"10. 70% of women would rather eat choclate* than have sex."

i've never been happier to be in the minority!

*the article's spelling error - not mine

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